UCD400 Amp Project

Well I've finally gotten out of my indecisiveness and have come up with a plan for my amplifier project.

Will use:

2x UCD400HG
UCD Supply HG
45V 600VA toroid
12V 25VA toroid
aux power PCB (will design)
MC68HC11 microcontroller development board*
4x20 character LCD display
TEA5757-based AM/FM tuner PCB
digitally controlled pre-amp (will design)*

*this is for a project for my EET443 Microcontrol II course, that's why the digital junk is in there, large chance I will replace it with something else later:)

The pre-amp based around the TDA7439DS chip. Def not high-end audio stuff but for now this will have to do. Later I will replace with a proper DSP solution.

Attached image is the to-scale drawing of the amp layout. Chassis will be constructed from aluminum. Will probably attach a small heat sink to the rear of the chassis where the UCDs are mounted (90% eff. @ 800W although relatively cool is still heat that must be dealt with).

Will post more info and pictures as the project progresses! Comments welcome.:)


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