Ucd180 Help needed!


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2004-09-15 9:06 pm
Hello everyone. I need some advice or help. I have two ucd180 modules connected to a ucd-supply-st. The amps work fine i think but they like to turn off when they please and the blue leds go out. They wont turn on at all now.. Has anyone got any ideas? Thankyou..


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2004-09-15 9:06 pm
Thanks for the reply. Do you mean the speaker load? The transformer is runing at 42 volts. The amps are attached to the bottom of a case that i made. I have not pushed the amp and they both did the same thing turning off and on but now they dont turn on at all. I have checked all my connections via the diagrams twice before hookup..


2008-03-10 1:31 am
additional UcD180ST question

I am a super noob in electronics, and didn't find my answers in a faq or in my searching last night. I am assuming that most people are more advanced so my inquiry is bone-head noob! I am not a complete novice, just a UcD novice.

so if I have a nice 120VAC/42V transformer, that 42V feed into the power supply will be too much - I didn't get that from the data sheet - well, that is good to know

so I couldnt go 120>trans/42V>UcD180ST

and I couldn't go 120/trans/42v>UcD STpower supply> 180ST

but more like 120V>transformer>30V>Ucd ST power supply>180St
is that correct?

I thought I saw the max input for the PS was 42V, and I thought my transformer 42V output would work -