UCD180 Amplifier built into base of LXMini

I'm planning to build an LxMini and am toying with the concept of putting some UCD180 modules with the appropriate SMPS in the base of one of 'em and having an all in one solution.

I'm considering a hybrid material enclosure - external-facing aluminum where its needed to dissipate heat (thinking 2 side rails, and maybe the bottom, depending on how the SMPS module fits and grounding the SMPS), with the balance made from wood or MDF, depending on how I finish the thing.

Is there anything conceptually wrong with this? I acknowledge it's going to move the listening access of the speaker up a couple inches. that's fine with me.

I assume I'd still need XLR's, as this would be fully double-insulated, given the exposed aluminum. Is that correct? I'd really prefer RCA's, but I'll use the XLR's if I need to for safety and to avoid ground loops. Not connecting mains ground to the chassis makes me nervous...

I'd plan to wire the outputs for the 2 drivers in the speaker housing the amplifier directly, probably with spades so they can be disconnected, and I'd probably connect the other speaker with a 4-pole speakon.

Given the chassis is at least partially non-conductive, is it best to electrically connect all externally-facing conductive parts and tie that to the mains ground?

My DIY background leans more speakers (recently finished LX521's, among many other non-kit designs), but I did get on a chipamp kick 15 or so years ago and built a 5-channel LM3886-based amp and a bunch of LM1875 amps so grounding, working with mains voltage, and thermal dissipation aren't totally foreign concepts, but they are rusty. Very rusty.

I've read and re-read data sheets and application notes, working to absorb what they are telling me.

Looking forward to learning first, then getting back into the amp building hobby.