Tymphany LAT250 line source array?

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Please bare with my lack of knowledge when it comes to designing speakers. I am new to this. I am wanting to build some studio speakers that will be able to play a very wide range, with emphasis on the mids, and be able to reach very loud levels and still maintain a warm crisp clarity. I think the LAT250's will be able to achieve this, but i am having a hard time deciding what type of enclosure to build. I'd like to put five on each speaker, in a vertical array, then possibly about 20-25 3" Aurasound full range or Peerless full range speakers along side of them. Please, if anyone has any advice, feel free to lend a helping hand. I would like to have a system that has some of every size and style driver in one room, with an enclosure to cover every bandwidth, hopefully having a very rich and colorfull sound. I will need help to not go overboard and drown in too much muddy sound, because I tend to consistantly push the envelope. Is it possible to have to many different size speakers in the same the room. Or could you have the same sound, out of say, 4-18", 4-15", 4-12", 4-10",8",6",4" and so forth on down the line, as you could with just 4-15" 4-10" and a nice 6' tall line array? Sorry to ask so many questions. This has been driving me crazy! At least when we were little, the candy store had a straight forward purpose! Its hard not to try and head in many directions at once with this obsession! take it easy..
Hi, For a comercial design I am looking at I did some simulations using the L250 specification on the web site. The TS specifications given require alot of air for this driver to work properly so if you put a number of them in a box it would need to be very large.

Since this didn't seem to make sense for the applications they were suggesting I ended up talking to one of the technical guys at Tymphany and he said that the info on the web was wrong and they would send me the correct data.

I am still awaiting the data, so I suspect this driver may not be as usefull as it first appears. The box sizes I ended up with meant that you might just as well put normal drive units in at much lower cost. The engineer even agreed with me on this point.


From what publicity from Tymphany and interviews with Ken Kantor, this is designed to be mounted next to a flat-screen TV and put out way more bass than the small speakers usually used ...

By the way, the design is a re-invention of the Heil AMT for Bass - patent number 4039044 - issued 1977 ...
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