Two-way Kit

I am new to DIY speaker building and I'm looking for a good two-way to build. I am considering several kits i have found online. The designs on look pretty good for a starter project. I also came across this

This kit looks particularly appealing becasue it includes detailed schematics for the X-over and plans for the enclosures. Has anyone had any experience with either of these kits?
I recently built Wayne's Budget HT's and believe me, the crossovers look much more intimidating than they actually are. I hadn't soldered in a few years so I brushed up on it with a few lengths of spare wire and went to work on the crossovers. Half an hour later they were done. Most of the work is figuring where you want to the components to go on the board. Once that's done, glue 'em on, connect and solder.


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2003-03-17 4:30 am
I second JC, but be aware that these speakers are very honest.

I've built the floorstand version, which despite the cabinet changes, should sound similar to John's original. (front-end electronics and room acoustics are probably more important variables)

The design gives a warts-and-all presentation- feed them the good stuff and they will sing.

But run-of-the-mill pop stuff is not so enjoyable.
After listening to a Japanese English pop artist, my partner quipped "I think I'll keep that CD in my car...(stock Toyoya Corolla stereo)" :eek:

Distortion is not always perceived as distortion per se. Often a speaker with higher distortion just sounds richer or more full.
Perhaps it's like putting your voice through one of those karaoke machines...

You might be want to look at John Krutke's other designs, and choose something based on your speaker size and listening requirements ....