Two Transformers same mains line help please

So Ive decided to go toroidal for my PSU for my soon to be DIY amp- I am fresh meat new know basically nothing. I found a transformer with proper V and A i need 40V 5A X2 so I can power two boards with it.. But I am having four boards in one chassis- 8 channels of amplification total.

I have seen many multichannel amps with this set up of two transformers- so can someone help an idiot out and explain or show how to do this simply. If i could find one that was 40V 5A with 4 outputs id just use that to make it easy but I haven't yet and im on a budget,
@nigelwright7557 basically everything you just said went over my head. I am new- just starting out, I believe the amps im going to use will need 40V 5A for proper power each the transformer i found has this X2 so two boards. I would have to use two PSU to power all 4 boards. This part im confused- Do I wire both transformers up the same way to mains wire ? IS there a special way to wire them so I can have my 4X 40V 5A?

These are the boards im using or similar!sea!US!3186929557&curPageLogUid=75EAid3hB5Ya
As I am understanding what you have shown, I would say that 1 transformer can give 2 of the boards shown power, equaling 4 channels of audio for your system. Since you need twice as many channels, get one more transformer and do the same thing with it.

Nigel, Am i assuming wrongly that 40 volt secondary out would not be 'handled' by the input of the amp board? If that is so, then a lower voltage must be used.
Thanks Nigel, I should have been more clear in my writing! AC/DC what's the difference?:ROFLMAO: So anyway, yes it would be best just to get the beefy transformer that is needed in the first place and have it right from there. Just yesterday, I was looking at the AMB 011 power supply with 4 DC outputs, but I didn't notice the amp rating because I didn't need much of an amperage to begin with, and only one DC output at that (single rail).
external ones that I have only have 3 pairs +/- and i need four boards. Also I believe I would need 40V 20a for 4 boards-
You can use this PSU, connect the DC output wires to a pair of terminal bus bars for more connections.

Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 11-38-11 61w4rDVMRnL._SL1454_.jpg (JPEG Image 1454 × 1454 pixels) — S...png
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I share your feeling about all those wires coming together, but to keep it simple, yes, the wiring for the second transformer would be identical to the first. In this case, I would be tempted to use a buss bar just so that there isn't so much copper to deal with at any one point.