Two (or more) transformers to increase power ??

Is it practically possible to increase the power needed by using more than one similar transformers ? Look at the image of the circuit I have in my mind, need to know if this combination is possible? I don't have an option for a higher rated transformer or getting a custom one made for now.
I currently have Two 24-0-24/5A transformers and would want to use both as the other one is sitting ideal and I need more power. This is for a 50+50W RMS chipamp I have based on STK4191II IC.


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If you do not change the supply voltage to the amp, there's no increase in power with more xformers. In case the supply sags a bit under continuous full load, an extra xformer may help to make the sag less.
But continuous full power only happens at the test bench, not with music.
So, an extra transformer doesn't make your system more powerfull, unless you increase the supply voltage. When you do that, you must make sure that the amp can handle the extra voltage, and that the heatsink is large enough etc etc. Not a simle 'plug and play' mod.

jan didden