Twin Eminence Delta 15LF in subwoofer


I have a couple of Eminence Delta 15LF's taken from a pair of bass horns. I plan to make a subwoofer that can provide a good amount of bass down to around 35-40 Hz. What kind of enclosure would be preferable for this? When put into winISD the size of the box required is generally pretty large.

Perhaps electronic equalisation is required to get a decent response down to this level (it is unlikely that they will need to be used at full power 2 x 500w RMS)



2008-11-08 8:25 pm
Devon UK
The Delta 15LF only has an xmax of 4.8mm it will not take anything like its power rating at the low frequencies you want.
The Eminence site shows a single driver in a 165 litre cabinet limited to 175W with a steep hi-pass set at 35Hz
Xmech is quite large, I would think that a manifold type reflex cabinet would be good. The 2 opposing drivers help to reduce distortion when xmax is exceeded.


2006-01-09 7:04 pm
Isobaric BP


Using the isobaric arrangement will reduce the necessary volume, but, it will also reduce the available SPL. I have (mis-) used speakers before in a sonotube isobaric bandpass with some success.



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