tweeter volume reduction

high all - i want to reduce the volume in the tweeter of a two way - i am aware of the one resistor in line and then the same value across the terminals to keep impedance matched - given the tweeter draws a small amount of juice - would it really matter if just one resistor was used in line?
As long as the resistor change is minor, I wouldn't lose sleep over it. Certainly nothing will break since you are increasing impedance.

Try it. Every ohm you add is 1dB reduction with a 6 ohm tweeter, so changing this 2.2 to 4.7R will do quite a lot to level. -3dB is half power.

Monitor Audio R300-MD.png

This is an industry standard way of doing things. The resistor doubles as a fuse! A 3W ceramic should be fine in a low powered tweeter circuit. See how it sounds. This is diy.
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8 ohm nominal tweeters are 4.7 to 6 ohms DC usually. Which is what interests us for attenuation, er, disregarding the Fs resonance, which we need not go into...

People often complain that tweeters are too loud in commercial designs. This is because at first listening, bright speakers sound better than more laid back ones in the HiFi shop.

Of course, tone controls can fix this, if you have them.

A lot of harsh tweeters can be tamed at the very top with a little circuit commonly called a Zobel. This usually consists of a 7.5R plus 0.68uF shunt on the tweeter.

I think it can do TOO much sometimes, and usually fit a 15R plus 0.33uF.

All good fun!

4th Order with impedance correction .png

A hobby is an interesting waste of time by definition, and it only takes minutes to order parts on the internet! Did I mention you will need solder and a 45W soldering iron too?

That will cost money, but a good thing to have. A good toolkit is an asset too. :D

Best regards from Steve in Portsmouth UK.
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