Tweeter Upgrade

Hello, I'm planning to replace the cheap tweeters on my towers because I feel they are the weak component in otherwise good quality loudspeaker.

I'm looking at some seas model, and given the mounting diameter constraint of 98 mm and the actual crossover point at 2500 Hz, I'm narrowing the choice to these models


Somebody had experience with these models?


It's all in the crossover, metal or soft. I have had good and bad of both. I used the 27TDC in one set TDFC in one and the TBC/G in the next. All good tweeters.

System7 is giving you a hint. You are not just swapping parts out like a different brand of spark plug. They are not interchangeable. You are talking about re-designing a system. Sure, they will make noise and the world will not come to an end, but that is not how you design a speaker.

Might tell us what the target system is. Maybe someone knows the original drivers and can suggest something that may match without too big a problem.