Tweeter recommendation (Morel vs Visaton)

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Well, it's settled. My next DIY project will use a Morel midbass (haven't decided the exact type yet). The next question is whether I should use a Morel tweeter or some other brand. Well, in my case "other brand" means Visaton for availability reasons. It will either be some medium priced tweeter like MDT29/39/30S/32S from Morel or DSM25FFL/G25FFL from Visaton, or some more expensive one like KE25SC (Visaton) or MDT33 (Morel). Any advice?
Morel tweeters especially the MDS30 and 32s are very highly regarded, the MDT33's even more so. Im not sure if people would say the MDT33 is quite as good as the best scan and seas tweeters but the supreme would be.

I have not seen much about visaton tweeters, only the odd ribbon, but from what ive read they are quite good.
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Its a sad fact that I've never had the pleasure to work with ANY Morel drivers but their reputation stands well in a crowded market. Can't think why I've never tried them, I guess its down to the fact that I have a small circle of favourite manufacturers and I tend to stick with these since its a safe thing.

I do however have experience with 2 Visaton treble units, first up the MHT12 Ribbon and then the ceramic dome - can't remember the model number off hand, they only do one ceramic though so its hard to get mixed up.
Out of these two the ceramic is so-so, nothing really wrong with it but the sound is somewhat brighter than I usually prefer. Very good power handling and distortion figures. Then there's the fabulous MHT12 ribbon, I really do like this treble unit, good sensitivity, full of detail but in no way harsh or unnatural. This is how a tweeter should be IMO, recommended without hesitation.
The ceramic dome is the KE25SC that I mentioned above. OK, so I'll probably skip this one. Anyway, since i't around 130 euros or so and the ribbon is 150-160... Maybe I'll try the DSM25FFL, titanium dome since it's not too expensive.
And ah, the ribbon... The temptation is great, but on the other hand I'll have to design my own XO... Spending around 700$ only for the drivers and designing my own enclosure and XO is not a risk for me :(
The morel 30 is a very nice tweet IMHO, for the money it has a very natural and effortless sound. The 33se is awesome especially between 4 and 8kHz, IMHO better than the supreme (smoother anyway). But I think the 30 will give you 90% of the performance of the 33 for significantly less cash.

Never tried the Visatons but the ribbon has tempted me once or twice.
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