Tweeter power handeling question

Max power at Xmax ?


Maybe this can help you.
I know this method works for Bass and midrange speaker, Nevver used i on tweeters ?

A way of calculating the Max acoustical power;

Par(cw)= Kp * F34 * Vd2

Where as;

Par(cw) is your calculated acoustical power
Kp is a constant that is related to the Qtc of your enclosure
F3 to the fourth order is your -3 db frequency
Sqr Vd is your air displacement at Xmax, also calculated as
Vd = Sd * Xmax with Sd is your effective radiated area.
Sd is calculated as Pi/4 * sqr(d) ->
d is calculated as the full diameter of, in this case, the dome + 1/3 of your suspension.

Qtc vs. Kp
0.500 0.06
0.577 0.15
0.707 0.39
0.800 0.57
0.900 0.75
1.000 0.84
1.100 0.85
1.200 0.84
1.500 0.71

This calculation is fully analyzed in 'Vance's' design book.