Tweeter for 1.5kHz

blackreplica said:
The new Dayton reference tweeters at partsexpress could do that i think. Along with many SEAS large domes, including the SEAS Millenium

The Dayton is rated to 1.6k, a couple of the SEAS and the Vifa domes are rated to 1.5k. Given the fact that the Usher is rated to 1.5k and failed to deliver, I'm suspicious of manufacturers' claims. I'm hoping to find someone who's heard a tweeter crossed that low successfully.

The Aurum G1 would be nice but it's is too pricey. I only want to spend up to $50 each, because I don't know if I'm keeping the speakers.
5th element said:
They probably are good to 1.5k but it is dependant on the xover used. Using a steeper xover will probably help matters.

This is an active system and I have a set of 2K LR4 crossovers, but I don't like the way they sound with these speakers. I'm not sure whether it's the LR4 crossover I don't like, or whether the resulting acoustic slope is causing a phase problem, or whether taking the poly cone woofer up another 500 Hz is the problem.

In any case I've had the best sound with a copy of the original design, second-order on the woofer, third-order on the tweeter @ 1.5kHz.