Turntable Recommendation


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Take a look at offerings from Elusive disc, Needle Doctor, and Acoustic Sounds.. (You'll find Music Hall and Pro-ject have new models in the price range)

Used I'd also look at AR ES1, although these might exceed the budget particularly if they have any of the Merrill mods on them..

Another great used table to consider is the Thorens TD-125 MKI or MKII with an SME 3009, Ortofon or similar arm. (Make sure it has been serviced as the electronics in these tables have a few electrolytics that expire with old age.)

Audiogon may be a better place to score a very good used TT than eBay, but the offerings tend to be pricey with occasional great bargains. (I've bought several great used cartridges on Agon)
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