Turntable AP206C motor hesitates to spin when tone arm is moved

When I move the turntable arm towards the platter, the Akai AP206C turntable does a slight move then stops and does not move anymore. But when I give the platter a slight turn clockwise , the slight momentum helps it to spin normally and I am able to play my records all the way through. I have downloaded the servicing manual from Vinyl engine. l have some basic electronic knowledge. I need help to fix the issue.
Tks for yr reply. Indeed I went practically through all youtube videos. They did help me in fixing othet issues such as ratic strobe speed on 33/45 turns, The only VRs I have adjusted are the VR2/3/4/5 for the above pblm,but I can' t find one video dealing specifically with the motor issue. I did not touch VR1 due no oscilloscope nor VR6 as I do not know the risk. Any further help please. p.s I do not have a dual channel Ac voltmeter for sdjusting VR6.
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Here is an extract from the sevice manual
AK206C adjustments.jpg
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The VR6 adjustment looks a bit challenging as it’s expecting an analog voltmeter… you could do it on a two-channel oscilloscope though.

VR1 will absolutely need a scope, and I suspect that’s the starting torque problem.

Did you clean and lubricate the main platter bearing? That will also be important.
I had already cleaned and lubricated the main bearing and all moving parts and also sprayed all VRs with contact cleaner. In the meantime I have tried to manage with a single analogue voltmeter: GND to pin 8 and placed the red lead on PIN 6, then removed it and placed on Pin 7. Result: The needle pulsates on Pin 6, while there is no pulsation on Pin7. Does this indicate something? I have not touched the VR1 as it need oscilloscope as you indicated. I have just found an Akai AP207 schematics from Vinylengine site that could apply to AP206C ( See last page 53). I have not cut/pasted it here because it is a bit large. May be that could help.