Tuner dial indicator adjustment (QUAD FM3)

Hello all.

I just acquired a Quad FM3 in good condition.

The frequency indicator is off. Before I do anything, I would like to know if there are better options than to...

1. Move indicator relative to string. There is original glue which would have to be removed and replaced.

2. Loosen screw securing pully to tuning capacitor shaft and bring indicator to correct frequency.

3. Some other method?

Performance is excellent, tuner goes over whole 88-108 MHz, so I do not want to fiddle with alignment. Is there a better way than 1. or 2. above? I have done this either 1. and 2. above succesfully in the past, on a Yamaha CT-610 II for instance. Please let me know! Cheers.


PS I searched the forum and did not find a similar topic, forgive me if there is an older thread!
Thanks. I could do that. But after playing with the potentiometer next to the MC1310 chip to get the pilot frequency to 19 kHz and restore stereo operation (previous owner thought unit was broken), it just seemed easier to physically move the indicator, since the frequency scale is quite accurate be from 88 to 108 MHz. But I will keep that in mind, thank you!