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I am not logged in here often enough. Everytime I search for exact topics I get more stuff than Google has...so I'll just start a half thread.

I need some money to feed my credit card.

I have some NOS tubes I just had to have & never used, like most of my projects.

I have WWII USN contract VR150's (OD3 if my memory serves me) in boxes, maybe 30 or so, and 12-14 similar vintage 12SL7 (I think GT to GTB, but will have to go look).

I was searching here to see if they are desirable. I don't get that impression from eBay haha. 6SL7 and 6SN7 were a common/popular combination. I personally don't have a problem usign 12 V filaments, but some people are SO conservative about doing things not like everyone else...except maybe here, right?

I'll take a guess $3 each for VR150 or 12SL7 letter suffix to be confirmed. + actual postage from Michigan, Earth

If that's not cool, :whazzat: tell me, make off, similar.

hey, how 'bout these?

Another item I bought too many of ...

0.1 uF 450 vac oiled paper capacitors in ceramic body, axial lead.

p/n ECN-C4A, orange plastic sleeve with triangle logo formed of three other triangles...I think that's Panasonic. They say 'NO PCB'S' on them.

Do you know how much DC a 450 V ~ capacitor will tolerate?

ac x 2.828 = 1272 x 0.90 derating for safety factor = about 1150 VDC. I got this rule of thumb from an engineer at Nissei Denki.

Do not try this in reverse to determine ac rating from a DC rating, you'll be sorry.

I have a bag of what looks like about 50 pieces, NOS.

Make offer, or give advice. If they aren't worthy, I'll just have to finish a project. Bag or piece quantity.