tubes to a better home

Hi there, a friend of mine dumped a Baldwin type 45 organ on me. I only had the time to take the tone generator chassis, the percussion unit tubes and the power amplifier.

Because of this i have many parts that need to go away, i was able to re purpose the power amplifier into a mono (soon to be stereo) all tube amplifier. But I need the rest to go to a good home.

Tubes that need a new home
6sn7: more than 36 functional
12ax7: more than 15 functional
(more to be listed by end of night)

If anyone has any interest, please reply. I absolutely want them gone I can work with getting them shipped if you guys want or organize a pick up (please reasonable drive from denver).

ps: (transformers and pictures will be listed when i get home)
Sorry for the delay, just needed to get good pictures.
Imgur album here:

None of the hours on the tubes are known sadly. This perticular organ was used in a large church and was maintained to within an inch of its life. Again i just dont want these tube in the garbage if possible. I was also able to save one of the speakers a Jensen p15n teal back alkino speaker (a minor cone tear, has been in the organ since ~1960..)

Tube Give away - Album on Imgur

6sn7 gtb: 36x green label, 2x yellow label
12ax7: 18x green label, 2x yellow label (12ax7a), 1x GE generic
12x4: 1x green label

Transformer: 512-14588F 1x

again please I dont wana have to recycle these, they will be up for one month. If someone wants to pay for shipping, or a donation would be appreciated.

if you cant pm me? [email protected]