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Tubelab SE in 300B for sale


Paid Member
2010-01-27 3:12 am
Traverse City, Michigan
300b full front.jpg I'd like this finished project to go to someone who'd appreciate it. I'm only hoping to get my costs out of it: $800 plus shipping. Full ad is here:

300B Amplifier Tubelab SE Design w "PowerDrive" Single Owner Builder EX Cond | eBay

BUT I'd just assume it be sold through this channel.

The Tubelab SE is not such an easy project when you go off the reservation. I fought to get it into shape where one can adjust the bias and B+ voltage separately, requiring a separate PSU for the B+ (see image below). I also fought to get all the original parts from the BOM including the rare Toshiba MOSFET for the PowerDrive and the proper voltage regulator. I guarantee it to be a fine working example of this very good design. I have tuned it up to My ear but there is plenty of room for the next guy to apply his own criteria!


  • SEAN300B first test.jpg
    SEAN300B first test.jpg
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  • Sean 300B PSU with BOM.jpg
    Sean 300B PSU with BOM.jpg
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