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tubelab PP?

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Yes, I have been working on some P-P designs. I have two working prototypes on my breadboard right now. Neither have been completely perfected yet, and I haven't started on the PCB design yet. There have been too many days like today where I got just home from work (at 8PM), so no time for Tubelab.

The first is a small amp using miniature tubes. Expected power output is about 10 to 15 WPC. I am trying to optimize the design to achieve a sound quality that will smoke those entry level P-P amps that use old TV tubes, for minimum cost. I expect that the PCB will be about the same size as the SimpleSE, so it should cost the same. This amp is closer to completion than the next one.

The second amp uses the popular octal output tubes. Driver tube choice could be all octal, or miniature. The octal tubes take more space which requires a larger PC board. The larger PC board costs more, and requires more mounting holes. The driver design that I really like uses two tubes per channel and has a lot of parts, so I am still exploring other options.
Any chance that you may release the pcb and design that use that Plitron 400W output transformers?

The monster amp has not received any of my time lately. I have spent a bunch of time and money on Tubelab over the past 5 years. I have been advised to show a profit this year. To do this I must concentrate on reducing expenses (sell off enough "stuff" to eliminate one warehouse rent payment), and increasing income. This means that I will be concentrating on getting the two P-P amps designed and PC boards released for them. There is a "universal driver board" in the works that will be used in the monster amp. That will get made into a PC board since I get constant (but few) requests for it. I won't get to it for a while.

I have been taking a wood shop class at a local community school, but the state of Florida just killed the class that had been running for 19 years (budget cuts). This is too bad because I have a few TubelabSE amps about half finished that will go on Ebay when they get finished.
That's really a shame about the wood class. I bet you could, however, find a good forum where some pro's could answer your questions. I know it's not the same as person to person teaching, but I know you'll succeed.
If you have any doubt at all, start by making a cheap MDF (or something cheap) model first.

I have cheap tools which I can't trust. I have to make cut after cut on scrap just to get a 45 corner correct.
These are the same tools I use to rehab the occasional house, so I'll get it dialed in perfectly, then haul it out to a house and bang it around for a while. Then the next time I want to make something furniture quality, I need to get it all tuned in again.
(sorry to everyone else for the offtopic continuation :))

That's the problem. My table saw SUCKS!
And, I don't have quite enough room to use it for full sized ply.

Actually, I wasn't thinking about that benefit of the class. My wife had a furniture making class when she was in grad school, and we used to sneak in there at night and use their equipment for my projects. The vacuum bag machine was really cool! We'd make all sorts of wavy organic furniture and electronics project cases with that thing. (for those who don't know what im talking about, you make a template out of some wood, then take this bendy wood (basically veneer) and glue layers together over the template and vacuum it all together. When the glue dries, you have your solid wavy (or whatever) product.. Think wooden Eames chair.. I think he's credited as the originator of that method)

Anyway, what will the state do w/ all that equipment?!? That really sucks!!!!!!!
I've been wondering if there is some sort of woodworking cooperative in my city. I figure there's got to be! not everyone interested in woodworking can afford all that equipment!
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