Tube Emulator VST/AU Plugin


2019-11-26 3:18 pm
I have a PC based system (Audirvana streaming to Kef LS50 Wireless speakers with a pair of JL E112 subs connected to the sub output). I’d love to add some tube warmth to this system but options are limited bc of the nature of the system.

Is there a VST/AU plugin that emulates tubes for 2-channel audio. I found a few options in the pro space mainly for mixing/producing music, but nothing targeted to 2-music reproduction/audiophiles. Does anyone know of a such a product or some way to artificially add tube sound/distortion to my system?

Nothing wrong with the production tools for home listening, just go easy on the dials. Tons of freeware around, check sites like
An old fav of mine used to be RubyTube, hasn‘t been updated in aeons though, not sure you can still run it on modern systems.
Also worth checking out are tape sims.


2019-11-26 3:18 pm
Another update; I'm using the Tube Sat Vintage (it's free) and getting that fat tube sound I've been looking for. My settings are as follows if anyone would like to reproduce this sound.

Drive: 0
Bass: 0
Mid: 6.0 db
Treble: 0
Output: 0