TU-8500 Working but no LED

Dear All,
I built a TU 8500, its working but the LED doesn't come on. I check resisstor R58 and surrounding soldering and it looks good. LED will light up when I test continuity with a multimeter. Soldering looks good.
Should I just live with it, it sounds pretty good, volume works, gain adjuster works.

Thanks in advance
It's wired according to the diagram i.e I think its in the correct way.
DC voltage across resistor.. How is that measured? ( I checked R58 and its the correct resistor also).
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If I'm looking at the right circuit then pin 2 of the 4040 CMOS chip needs to be at logic 'low' (zero volts) to light the LED so check that.

(If the LED's in back to front it will have a highish voltage across it, correct way and a couple of volts)