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Pictures of bare pcb


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First test run of the TSSA V1.7.

It has a completely new current generator circuit.

All this enables it to leave Class A. It now runs with lower distortion, and less current. 250mA (After 5 sec) from power up and stays there. Offset is 10mV floating +/-500uV without servo.

It is silent. This build uses a 500VA transformer with 25V secondary windings.

Capacitor bank is 120.000uF.


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After an intense listening session using song no. 2 on kashmir cd "Ear" piece of the Sun.

We Can conclude that the modifications that lead to tssa V1.7 was worth the work.

On the tssa V1.6 we had a detailed soundstage and on the same time sweetness that make you listen for hours without getting tired. You could compare it with and Jeff Rowland integrated AMP continuum S2. But In comparison with the mirand a2 which has a reference level of details In the "Sound picture", it is like having a blanket In front of the speakers.

The gap to the mirand a2 is closed with the new tssa V1.7. If you dont have the mirand a2 to switch over too, Then you will not miss This extra level of details.

Where the tssa V1.7 lacks is In power. It is only a 40w AMP into 8R.

It will be the obvious choice for small rooms of less than 40m2 and if you use horn speakers. It is ultra quiet.