TS parameters and specs for these drivers???

I bought some loaded pa boxes today and managed to get the guy to try them out for me. I bought the lot for £150

Tops are : 2x 12 inch x 6 inch flare + RCL 393 phenolic comp drivers rated 50w rms each in 18mm plywood box.

Mids are: 2x dual 12 inch McKenzie Forte dual cone speakers rated 100w rms each driver,16 ohm each driver in 15mm ply boxes.Sealed cabs

Bass are: 2x 15 inch Celestion K15B-300 rated 300w rms each driver, 4ohms each in 18mm plywood slot reflex cab with chipboard baffle.

Well I can't complain as I got the whole lot for £150, and he tested them out with 3 amps and an active x over and sounded pretty good. But would like to change the chipboard baffles on the bassbins for plywood baffles and change the 1/4 inch jack inputs for speakon.

Top drivers are RCL 393 phenolic comp drivers, mids drivers are McKenzie Forte and bass are Celestion K15B-300. So does anyone know where more specs and ts parameters are for these drivers???

Would like to know the vc size,magnet weight,QTS,BL and Xmax for those drivers etc


2011-03-09 12:47 pm
I know this is VERY old threat but Google found this when I was trying to find parameters of the Celestion K15B-300. They were so hard to find so I finally asked from the manufacturer. So if anyone is still interested:

Celestion K15B-300:

nom. diam. (inch) 15
voice coil diam. (mm/inch) 75/3
former material Kapton
coil winding length 11/0.43
magn. gap depth 8/0.31
overall depth 160/6.30
weight (kg) 6
freq. range 40-4k
sensitivity ([email protected]) 97
power handling (W) 300
nom. impedance (ohm) 8
Fs (Hz) 40
Re (ohm) 5.78
d 0.33/12.99
Sd 0.0855/132.5
Vas (l) 212.0/7.48
Mmt 69.9
Qes 0.665
Qms 4.863
Qts 0.585
Bl 12.7
Cms 0.2065
Rms 3.78
Xmax (mm/inch) 1.5/0.059
B (T) 0.96
Le (mH) 0.81