Trying to design a simple sound system for a pool room


2013-05-04 9:09 pm
Hi everyone,

I am in the process of remodeling my garage into a pool/game room. I don't know anything about audio equipment and am so overwhelmed I am considering just putting in a good sound dock and calling it a day.

The dimensions of the room are 19'4" x 17'4". My plan was to put 2 speakers on the back wall and a subwoofer in a corner. All of my music is on an iPod so I would be hooking up to an amplifier via a 3.5 mm cable.

That is all I know, but I have no idea what wattage speakers and woofer would be appropriate for that size room, I don't know what amplifiers are good and what wattage is needed to power everything. I was hoping I could get some suggestions here. I am hoping to keep the entire setup under $500. I don't want some crappy setup, but I honestly don't have ears that could appreciate the subtleties of a several thousand dollar system.

Also, the speakers would be mounted on the back wall (17'4"), but I don't know where I should place them and how to angle them.
Just buy used stuff at yard sales and thrift stores. Watch out for rotten or missing foam surrounds on woofers, though. Speakers with 8" or larger woofers won't really need a subwoofer. If you do decide on a subwoofer, an obsolete (non-HDMI) AV receiver may be the cheapest way to go since it'll have a subwoofer output and the option to divert bass from the main speakers to the sub.