Trying to build from source

Hi, anyone know why I can't access the extracted content's?


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Wow, I got lost in the world of Terminal and fell asleep :)

Hello jplesset, basically I'm using the new Pi 2 with Kodi installed, my old Pi B+ has Raspbian installed. Jack was installed and Jack-Rack. I was using this Pi to process my subwoofer. It ran okay for a while, then would crash. Turns out, the stable version of Jack-Rack is 1.4.7 and the Raspbian uses 1.4.8! I was trying to compile Jack-Rack 1.4.7 tar from SourceForge. When I "make" in terminal, it said I need jack>=0.50.0
When I tried to "make" Jackit" from SourceForge, it did nothing, Raspbian then told me I'd ran out of space, I deleted the download .tar files, not the extracted .tar files to free up some space, it crashed, I rebooted and it hung with a flashing cursor in the top left corner!
That's as far as I got!