Trying my hand at a PR design.

Hello, first post here, but long time reader!

I have some spare stuff lying around so I decided while it's the hot-as-hell summer here I'd design a PR for a fun project.

I have done most of my calculations and the equations on My question is whether I should take thier advice and design an optimal ported enclosure and then turn that enclosure's port into the PR's mass.

If I do that, I end up with a 58 liter enclosure for my 10" sub. Though that's not huge, the added mass was low enough with that enclosure that I could conceivably make my enclosure closer to 30 liter and just add more mass.... but I'm not exactly sure how that will change the response of the setup.

What do you think? I like the idea of making it as small as possible, but I do not want to sacrifice quality if I don't have to.