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Troubleshooting Buffalo II / HiFiDuino connectivity

Hello folks,

I'm trying to get a Buffalo II working with an external controller, but having some problems. I'd appreciate some help with troubleshooting.

I have built the DAC with and tested it OK with the onboard firmware controller. I'm hooking it up to an Arduino Micro clone with a logical level converter, and I've removed the controller chip from the DAC.

Running a logic analyser (Bitscope Micro) against both sides of the converter shows that the signal's passing through at the right voltage. I have the HV side of the converter connected to Arduino +5V, and the LV side connected to the DAC's I2C connector DVCC.

Trouble is, I'm getting no visible sign of comms between the two. For example, playing music via S/PDIF lights the DAC's lock LED, but the HiFiDuino shows "no lock".

I'd appreciate some help getting this going.