Trouble shooting help

I just finished my Elliot 3A amp. and I set the bias after raising the voltage to 120 with a variac and all was good. The first time I turned it on with full 120 volt inrush the right channel LED flashed and the minus rail fuse blew. The left channel is fine. All parts are where they belong. Any suggestions with parts to check for infant mortality? It is a tight design and I hate to tear it completely apart. Thanks in advance. Mike


2002-01-12 8:41 pm
I'm going to start building mine soon and if I can learn of any tips to keep blowing parts it would be good. The first time you started it did you start at a lower voltage and work your way upto 120 volts? Then the next time you started it it blew the fuse? Does it start normally now? Did you use one of Rod's powersupplies? if so which one.