Trouble selecting drivers


2008-08-01 11:45 am
Hi, I'm planning to get an Alpine ida-x305s hu and a Mcintosh 50w x 4 amp. I'm probably going to go for Scanspeak Revelators. Is it ok to use just 1 pair of tweeters in the front and 1 pair in the back with 1 sub. I can use the crossover in the hu, right? Are mid or mid bass drivers really sufficient? Thanks.


2007-11-08 2:14 am
Some people like only mid/tweeter in front, some like them in the rear also, it is up to the user.

Depends on the hu; some can run tweeter/mid/sub and some only high/sub, even the better one I have will not run tweeter/mid/sub when I run rears so I have to run components passive for mid/tweet. You can run external or amplifier crossovers to do more.