Tripath high power eval boards

I finally have some time to play around today. I made up a power supply out of a bunch of small DC-DC converters I have. I figured their low current rating would make for safe testing.

I went for the RB-TK2350 first as it doesn't require an external VN10/12 supply. It powered up flawlessly and sounds great. There is almost no turn on/off pop even with leaving it unmuted while disconnecting/connecting the supplies.

I was completely shocked how loud it will play with a +/-45v 500ma supply. I don't dare turn it up all the way or the neighbors will start banging on the walls. ;)

I think this one will get grafted into a high current class AB car amp I have. It will be easier to wire up since it doesn't need the VN10/12 supply.

One down, two to go. I think the RB-TDA2500 will be next after I make a VN12 supply.

Well, I'm 2 for 2 now. Haven't broke anything yet; which is a pretty amazing feat in itself.:eek:

I was scared at first because it wouldn't power up, then I remembered the undervoltage is set to +/-60v so I had to adjust the power supply.

This one sounds pretty much like the last with the background "hiss" level about the same, which is much less than my AudioSource AMP7Ts. There is a strange noise when powering this one off though. It's not a "pop" or "click", more like a dieing buzz like sound. It's not too bad, but it wasn't present on the RB-TK2350; it's probably due to the different VN10/12 supplies.

One more to go. If this one works and I manage not to kill it I will have to celebrate with a drink.:drink:

3 for 3..... drinks are on me. :cheers:

I managed to save the toughest for last. It took me a bit longer than it should have to cobble together a LM317 circuit for the VN10 supply. There were also few resistors missing from the board from testing the previous owner did.

As expected, this one sounds the same as the others. Power on/off acted more like the RB-TK2350.

I was really expecting one of these to be dead or to at least kill one myself considering I've been up since 6PM yesterday.

I sure got my $180 worth on these amps. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Now, what to do with them. :scratch: