Tri-amp with two B1 Buffers. Looking for opinions on setup.


2013-10-28 2:32 am
I wanted to get some opinions on my planned setup. Maybe someone would see a problem that I may be overlooking.

My current setup is a B1 buffer with an F5 Turbo powering a set of Dallas IIs (BLH with fostex drivers), and a sub. I wanted to add a pair of fostex super tweeters to make up what's lacking with the the fullrangers. The tweeters will be powered by a 10W tube amp. They are extremely efficient but I don't want to use an Lpad or an attenuator to match the horns.

The plan is to use my current B1 for source selection and main volume control. It would provide three signals. The F5 turbo, subwoofer and a second B1 for level control of the tweeter amp. Would this work well in place of an Lpad, and if it would are there any potential component values that would need to be changed?

Thanks in advance if anyone has any suggestions or ideas.