Traynor PS600

So a friend of mine dropped off some amps to be repaired and basically abandoned a Traynor PS600 for me to play around with. Initially I was uninterested but I have become rather intrigued and would like to get it working just for the heck of it. (Following image from the web as mine is in pieces)

Inside the amp there is a crowbar circuit with a particular bit of nastiness,

In the upper left corner labelled R53 is a long piece of nichrome covered on both sides of the board with asbestos tubes.

I want to get rid of the asbestos and the nichrome, does anybody see any problem with replacing the nichrome with an MOV or should I opt for a .5 ohm power resistor? I'm not a fan of shorting Vcc without a fuse to protect the secondary windings.
Vcc is +/-65v in high range and +/- 55v in the low range and the primary is protected by a 12A fuse, no fuse on the secondary side of the power supply.