Transport Modifications...would these help???

I'm curious whether an already good dvd transport would benefit from numerous cap upgrades, power supply upgrades, bypassing of resistors/caps in certain locations, op-amp upgrade, etc. etc.??? OR, would these modifications ONLY serve to enhance the analog stage of the unit? Trying to figure out whether it is worth purchasing a modded unit that does not deal with the digital out section but deals with a LOT of other parts of the unit. This is to be used as a transport only and curious how these part upgrades would help the unit as a transport only.

Thanks all!!!


2003-12-07 11:57 am
What are you going to use DVD transport for?

If you are dedicated CD playback 2-channels only kind a guy, go with CD only transport unit, and work on power supplies, connection between transport and main PCB, internal wiring and SPDIF output circuitry - use good buffer with even better output transformer. All the help / diagrams are already available here on forums...

You could probably obtain very good results with a DVD transport, after a proper treatment, but I haven't tried this.


(and good clocks / oscillators...)