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has this ever been done? i read in the Thor article in speaker builder that TL'ing an MTM reduced some ripple because of the offset driver, so would haveing a lot of offset drivers have more effect? even if they didnt, because of the multiple drivers, would the TL be a bandpass, effective in a wide freq range because the first driver and the last are far away from eachother? i dont know if i plan on doing this, but its an intersting idea... i imagine a single folded design with the port on the top back and drivers all the way down the front, wiht a single divider in the cabinet.
food for thought :)
one more thought, i've heard that driver "weighting" will reduce cieling and floor reflections in an array. some examples are found in the zalytron array kits by d'apolito... these designs have 3 tiers to the weighting in 12 driver arrays. in an array of 10 drivers, would it be possible to have 5 tiers of weighting, controlled by 4 L-pads, one Lpad for each pair of drivers equidistant from the center, with no attentuation on the middle two. this would create a perfectly linear and uniform power taper from the middle to the end. is this feasible and/or possible or neccesary?
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You seem to be carrying on a thread with yourself.

The big arrays from PipeDreams, i believe, use TLine loaded mid-bass drivers. In this case each line is the same.

If you are going to lump the drivers you use the midpoint. You could also model each driver by itself in the line using something like Martin King's TL software and then add all the results together -- remember this has to be done in the Complex plane. Each driver will have a different ripple content depending on its offset from the end of the line. Whether these can be made to add together in a beneficial way is a big question.

I think that I should use the Qts and Fs of the woofer for line length. I don´t know if it is better to use the surface of the woofer as for one or as double. I mean here how big the line should be in surface area at the beginning and end.

Also you have to put one woofer away from the end of the line (offset) which I think this is better for the linear performnce of the speaker.
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