transmission line speaker

many,many years ago i built a transmission line speaker as published in hi-fi answeres in the early seventies. It was written by based on the design by dr bailey. it consisted of kef b139,b110, t27 and in my case a peerless super tweeter due to coles itt stc 4001 being unavailable in australia. My request is to ascertain whether anyone would have an update to this design including crossover requirements and modern drivers or should i try to source original drivers by buying secondhand kef concertos or similar. i still miss the sound from that speaker.

It's not a 3 way, because it's using the drivers etc of the existing WD25 kit speaker, but this is a sort of modern interpretation of the old Radford / IMF TLs. It got the nod from Peter Comeau, head of World Designs, who designed the WD25. He actually volunteered to rework the XO for it, if anyone was able to bring him a pair of completed cabinets, which was really generous of him. I gather he likes TLs. :) Sadly, I don't think anyone has built them yet -big TLs aren't too popular in the UK these days.


2008-02-16 8:36 pm
I am just starting a TL project for my son- he was given a pair of Kef B139's in excellent condition-I am constructing from mdf from a set of plans of C.J.Rogers design ( found in a copy of ' Audio Amateur Loudspeaker projects 1970-79) and also from links on the '' site.
I would also like any feedback on which mid/ tweeter/crossover to use. This is my first project, construction skills I have but am lacking in knowledge ( and budget!) for the other components.