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Transistors and Resistors for F5 Amp Build

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I'm embarking on a new direction and building variations of the F5. As such, I have one extra set of materials for an F5 build. Add heat sinks, PCBs, and a case, and you have an F5.

Please note, I found the gain of the stock F5 a little low. I substituted Panasonic 3W 150 Ohm resistors for the schematic's Panasonic 3W 100 Ohm resistors. This is a change known to give higher gain with little downside. If you want the stock amp, I'm including two extra 150 Ohm resistors which if installed in parallel would bring the amp back to it's stock numbers.

Also, I substituted 22K resistors for 10K resistors in the current limiting circuit (R21 R22). This is a common change, but if you prefer 10K let me know.

I'm selling two complete channels for the F5. I am not selling any PCB for the amp. You'll need to buy those from the DIYAudio store.

Two Channels for the F5 Amp:

Two Blue LEDs
Two Q1 N-Type JFET Matched Toshiba 2SK170BL
Two Q2 P-Type JFET Matched Toshiba 2SJ74BL
Two Q6 NPN BJT BC546
Two Q5 PNP BJT BC556
Two N-type MOSFET IRFP240
Two P-type MOSFET IRFP9240
Four Power Resistor 0.47 3W Panasonic P0.47W-3BK-ND
Four R1 R2 Resistor 10 Ohm 1W Vishay Dale PR01000101009JR500
Six R5 R6 R7 R8 Power Resistor 150 3W Panasonic P150W-3TR-ND (Note – Schematic calls for 100 Ohm resistors in parallel. I found the gain too low. I’m including Six 150 Ohm 3W Panasonic resistors. With these, you can increase the gain vs. the stock configuration by using four, or keep to the stock gain by using all six resistors.
Two R10 Resistor 100k Vishay Dale RN60D1003FB14
Four R19 R20 Resistor 150 Vishay Dale RN60D1500FB14
Six R9 R17 R18 Resistor 1k Vishay Dale RN60D1001FB14
Eight R3 R4 R15 R16 Resistor 2.2K Vishay Dale RN60D2201FB14
Four R21 R22 Resistor 22K Vishay Dale CCF6022K1FKR36
Two R35 Resistor 33K Vishay Dale RN60D3302FB14
Four Resistor 47 Vishay Dale RN60D47R0FRE6
Four NTC Thermistor 4.7k EPCOS B57891M472J
Four P1 P2 Variable Resistor 5k PV36W502C01B00

The price is a little lower than Tech DIY, and I have 1/2W resistors in my set, they use 1/4W.
$72 Free Shipping in the Continental United States. If you want this by Xmas, let me know and I'll do my best.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.