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2012-11-14 10:43 am
Hi All,

I have a Sugden Audition C solid state amp, one channel stopped working, had a probe around with DMM seems the C3284 transistor is suspect. There are plenty of C3284/A1303 pairs available on EBay, mainly in China and I doubt matching would be reliable. Can anybody suggest good source for matched replacements or possibly another transistor which may be superior as a direct replacement?




2013-03-11 10:52 am
The above is not so good, as it is a sealed plastic package and won't be able to handle a whole lot of power (max 80W vs 125W of the original).

Instead of that, use Fairchild FJA4313 and FJA4213. Cheap, good parts. Drop in replacements.

Never buy transistors from Ebay - they are all fake and will ruin your amp more.

Ian Finch

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2010-04-11 4:22 am
Coffs Harbour, NSW
2SA1303/2SC3284 are premium audio LAPT types. Other manufacturers go close in quality and in some applications, their performance makes little audible improvement anyway.
Profusion plc in the UK distribute a limited range of similar Sanken LAPT transistor types such as 2SA1386/2SC3519: SANKEN - Power-Complementary | Profusion
Farnell also stock a strange assortment of a few Sanken parts but not necessarily complements or LAPT type.
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2012-11-14 10:43 am
Thanks chaps , is been back to Sugden on 2 x previous occasions, no fault of the product as an intermittent short in thecrossover of my previous speakers (KEF) was to blame, on both occasions cost £75 plus my travel. I lived in the north then and could take/collect in person. Now in the south, don't really trust post/courier and new transistors will cost about £10 with postage...DIY!