transformer weirdness


diyAudio Member
2005-02-23 8:49 pm
Hi, can one of you electronics whizes help me understand this...

I bought a 16VAC 40VA inline (like a laptop's) transformer and I can't figure out what's going on with the secondaries. Most of it seems normal to me. Here's my measurements on the 4 output wires:
White -> Red = 18v and .8 ohms DCR.
White -> blk = 9v and .4 ohms DCR
red -> blk = 9v and .4 ohms DCR

So far it looks like a normal 18 volt CT.

Green -> Red = 33v and infinte DCR
Green -> white = 18v and infinite DCR
Green -> red = 25v and infinite DCR

So how does this green (earth/ground wire) fit in? I don't understand where those voltages come from.