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Transformer volume control - TVC by dvb

This stereo 23 steps transformer volume control is a 6th generation proprietary design. Its primary function is line level control volume but contains such a high quality permalloy that you can use it also - inverting cables in the back - as fixed step-up line level transformer or adaptable to DAC stages or MC step-up for moving coil cartridges!!! It is also small (actually the smallest I've seen), compact layout and nice looking :)

The basic version is a 1:1, 10k:10k, 80H@20Hz, but other transformer ratios can be made. The logarithmic curve is according with IEC 60393-1 code 15A law. For this 1:1 version see the THD figures for 0.7Vrms at highest step (with the soundcard having about 0.0005% THD in loopback), also the frequency response 10-100kHz, these specs being of course in the same ballpark at any step.

Price: 650 Euro w/o shipping for basic version
(other transformer ratios and balanced options available for some extra - to be agreed what's possible or not :) ). Also, I can provide it wire terminated to be mounted inside your chassis.

Thanks, take care!


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