transformer question


2002-03-16 10:23 pm
Thanks to peranders and e96mlo for your replys. I appreciated much to your valuable opinions. Well,I think I've solved the mystery with your helps. I am located here in Canada so my ac outlet is 105v. The transformer is center tapped with +/- 28v output.I wired the thing in parallel. At first,I could not get any readings from my multimeter.The digits just kept blinking. So I was stuck for a while. Later I decided to wire the whole power supply up with bridge rectifier and capacitors.Then I connected the power supply to a power amp together with tuner and preamp and a cheap speaker. And,bingo! It worked.I since listened to the radio for hours without any misbehaviours of the power supply.

And,yes,I did use the variac - a dear lesson learned a couple years ago when I witnessed a small atomic bomb blew up in front of my very eyes(followed by fire and smoke and someone upstairs screamed to call 911) as I plugging in my newly wired(translate:expensive) power amp into the ac outlet.And I was certain that I wired it correctly as I've done these so many times without incidents.

Thanks again!