Transformer Question


2010-05-25 1:55 am
Pardon me if my question doesn’t make sense electronically since I am just a hobbyist.

I have Sound Lab Majestic 945. For the 945, there are two transformers which one of them is for bass and another is for high and mid frequencies. Both feed to a mixer then to the panel. I have extra pair high/mid transformers in hand and am thinking if I can put them in use to improve the 945. I have tried to connect the primary inputs in parallel and secondary outputs in serial of two high/mid transformers. But it didn’t improve the sound in stead it degraded the sound. High and mid range were completely destroyed. I am thinking of connecting two high/mid transformers in parallel both primary and secondary inputs. In the meantimes, I should modify the mixer, too. So, basically, there will be two high/mid transformers and one bass transformer to drive the panel. I don’t know if it makes sense to do that and if it can actually improve the sound theoretically.