Transformer, mic 200 Ohm, balanced-to-SE?

Need two high-performance balanced-to-SE mic transformers, approximate maximum $50ea.

A 200-Ohm battery powered stereo condenser mic will connect to the external mic input of a camcorder.

I'll adapt any physical form to the application.

Several impedance matching were found, but strangely no balanced-to-SE.

I presume the shorter the mic cable and/or less the RF problem, the more likely the best sound quality will be just to employ the mic SE without an active external balanced mic preamp.

And conversely: The longer the cable and/or the more the RF problem, the more likely will the sound quality improve by adding an active balanced preamp in series between the mic cable output and just a few inches in front of the SE input.

Is this "sound" thinking? (no pun intended)