Transformer locations

ah, hate to ask, but I'm new and my search came up short.

When building tube amps, are we trying to keep transformer leads as short as possible? I am building an K-16LS, and I despise the location of the transformers in relation to the board - but looking at may amps, it seems that they all have the transformers in the oddest locations.

What would be wrong with putting the power transformer in the back center and running the wires (twisted) to the board? It'd be about five inches.

Any insight?



2012-05-27 7:34 pm
That is actually the classic location for a stereo amp, ala HK Citation2, Dynaco ST70, etc. That way you can have the ground centrally located in the chassis for even distribution of the return currents. Having the PT central also makes wiring to both channels even and while that may not make a sonic difference it does enhance a neat layout. Aesthetically, i prefer a centrally located PT with the OPT flanking the sides. Sometimes you need to locate the PT power trans at one side and for the most part as long as you follow careful wiring techniques it would not matter.
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