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Has anyone ever had experience with transducers (aka "Floor Shakers" or "Bass Shakers")? They come in a variety of shapes, but the principle remains the same that you mount these things under your chair or floor and hook them up to a standard audio amplifier. They proceed to vibrate, I guess in order to emulate true bass found in explosions and etc. <a href="">SmartHome</a> has a few of these products. The reason that I ask is that I've been thinking about building a subwoofer to fit inside of my couch. The problem is that I only have a few inches of clearance, so I'd need to use shallow woofers (probably 8"). Anyway, just wanted to get some opinions.
So, you wanna shake the house?
Years back, someone turned me loose on a mini-warehouse of gear that was going to be tossed into a dumpster. Amongst other things, I got a pair of the voice-coil drivers out of some old mainframe disk drives. Not these little things you can hold in your hand these days--hard drives the size of washing machines.
I took one of them and hooked it up to one of my Thresholds with a frequency generator on the other side. Serious shaking capabilities.
No, I never hooked it into my stereo, but the price was right (free), and you could probably find some somewhere if you poked around.

Any thoughts on whether building a real subwoofer would be more effective? I'm thinking that the subwoofer could extend to music, although the capability of an 8" driver to produce butt shaking results (some of the transducers run down to 5hz!) is questionable. Any thoughts? I'm limited on space in all directions to about 32" long, 14" deep and 8" tall. Thanks
Just a word of warning.....infrasonic bass at around 8Hz can produce nausea... at around 6Hz internal bleeding ... somewhere between 2Hz-5Hz the resonant frequency of the human body is reached and if the signal is of any decent magnitude you can literally be shaken to pieces.

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I have a butt kicker amp with a buttkicker bolted to my couch and a buttkicker bolted to my loveseat. It is awesome with xbox games and movies. They resonate the couch with music at certain frequencies and you hear them, they are best to be turned to around three out of ten with music. They vibrate the same amount as a twelve inch subwoofer playing real loud. Like this. They are best for low bass. Worth the money for game play and movies. Subwoofer will not produce the effects as these. :clown:
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