TPA3250 board - Switching PS - Noise Filter?

So I bought a TPA3250 board to check out. I picked up a MeanWell 24V 150w switching power supply to give it juice. I was buying connectors and associated doodads and threw a EMI filter into the bag, it's this one:

Normally I'd buy the IEC connector + filter, but this stand alone unit caught my eye. And I figured I'd put it between the wall and the SMPS. But then I thought what if I put it between the SMPS and the amp board?

So I thought I'd ask those who know more than I: Would it be beneficial to have this sort of filter between the SMPS and the switching amp?
  • Does the filter care about the difference between DC and mains AC? (I think not?)
  • Is the MeanWell likely to be dirty enough up high to benefit from a filter like this? (MW is a good brand, but nothing is perfect)
  • is the 3250 board likely to care about a little HF power filtering? (maybe it makes enough of it's own noise internally, what's a little more?)

Thanks for your thoughts...