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TPA3122D2 Amplifier

This is a Jerry Electronics TPA3122D2 Class D amplifier board with upgraded Nichicon Muse power filter capacitors and output filter capacitors. The amplifier is good for about 10 watts per channel & has a volume pot, RCA's and terminal blocks for speaker wire all mounted to the circuit board. Similar to the Altman BYOB amplifier. Very warm, analog, non-fatiguing sound.

The caps, due to their size, are mounted to the bottom of the printed circuit board, which is then mounted in a cigar box. I'll included a 12 volt wall wart type power supply with the amplifier, but any 12 volt to 24 volt DC power source can be used, including a 12 volt SLA battery. The cigar box has bumps and bruises.
Price is $30 plus $15 shipping to U.S. Addresses. Paypal only.