TPA3118 Noise connected to RPI

Hello i need some help please.

I have the next
  • RPI Zero W
  • MAX98357 I2C
  • TPA3118 Board
  • 12v 5a power suply
  • 5v 2a power suply
  • 40w 8Ohms speaker
If i connect TPA in mobile 3.5 jack the som is clear without any noise and good sound quality.

But if connect TPA in RPI got a noise whether the audio is paused or playing (it stays in the backgroud)

My connection is:

220v -> 12v -> AMP -> Speaker
RPI -> MAX98357 -> AMP In

I try
  • RPI connect USB from PC (Noise)
  • RPI Connect to External Power (Try Apple, Samsung and Huawei power suply) (Noise)
  • RPI Connect to Step Down (No audio only noise)
  • RPI Connect to 5v HI-LINK 2a buk (Noise)
If i connect MAX98357 directly to the column (RPI -> MAX -> Speaker) I don't get any noise but the sound is very low as the output is only 3w

Thanks for any help / hints