Tough one, but progressing !!!


I may yet use the D25 or D27, also considering TC27 Vifa. I actually had a pair of D25's sitting there but they got used for something else.
Probably not The D25 or D27 come to think of it, cos I've used both those before !!!

Conehead..... eventually !!!!! I hope !!!:rolleyes:

Workbench, I actually found the surface the other day. !!!!!
TC27? I have heard of TC26 but TC27? must be a typo.

other choices....
1. Morel MDT30 or 28 (others are too expensive)
2. Peerless 812665 (I have used the KO10DT many years ago)
3. LPG 26A (metal dome)
4. Radio Shack 1" (forget model number)

none of these will fit exactly in a D25 hole however if you have not routed the hole so the front plate is flush with the baffle you still might be able to include one of these.