I would like to show you the end of a long project.
I have been working for a very long time now on a R-2R DAC using a Vishay foil resistors and a FPGA. The DAC can also be a 2 way or a 3 way digital active crossover. This web site is the full project presentation.



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A review is beeing written by 6moons:
6moons audio reviews: TotalDac

And a few weeks ago I compared it to a MSB platinium diamond DAC!




2009-06-13 9:58 am
Great work, Vincent!

I also love the old Wadia DACs, especially I like the Wadia 27ix
How does the TotalDAC sound compared to a very good Wadia?
I think the Wadia is also a very good choice if don't need more than 96K (only 27ix)
Has anyone compared both devices?
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Wadia is not often compared to Totaldac.
emmlabs, MSB, DCS, Meitner are more common competitors because there are real digital audio specialists.
I have a few customers who had an old Wadia before and they kept the totaldac after the test period.

the latest Totaldac review is here, by AudioStream: